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Frisco is a city that continues to grow and prosper. On average, over 500 people make Frisco their new home each and every month. With this type of influx, however, comes infrastructure challenges. Keeping up with the population is our number one priority.

In 2015, our city adjusted its comprehensive plan from its 2006 build out numbers. They took the plan from an estimated 280,000 residents in 2021 to a newly estimated 374,840 residents at full build out . 

Just to put this number into perspective, lets take a look at Plano. With almost 100% built out, Plano is starting to plateau at around 280,000 in population.

Lets now apply this scenario to Frisco. With roughly the same land mass size, Frisco is now planning to be almost 100,000 more than Plano.

How will this be accomplished? Density!

Take a look at what changed in the 2015 Plan: 

  • Planned Residential / Suburban Development - Percentage lowered from 60.7% to 32%
  • Planned Mixed-Use & Urban Development - Percentage raised from 8.3% to 32%

In other words, the only way to build out is to build up. Yet we don't have the infrastructure in place to support 375,000 people.

How will people get from Point A to Point B?

Infrastructure is something that we are unprepared for at this level of growth. We must take a major look at this if we are going to grow to 375,000 people. All Rights Reserved

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