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About the Runoff Election
I was blessed, as a first time candidate, to receive support from a broad spectrum of citizens throughout Frisco in the Primary. Frisco United endorsed me, a stalwart organization of conservatives determined to have accountability in the use of our tax dollars. The Frisco Lakes Conservative Coalition, staying true to their mission of electing conservative candidates with a vision of reality and sensitivity to taxes and encroaching government, supported me overwhelmingly in a straw poll against nine other candidates on the ballot. The Frisco Tea Party also supported me in their candidate forum over all the other candidates, voting me the straw poll winner with 63% of the vote. Being a minister and a business strategist, I have also received the endorsement of people within a variety of churches and worship centers, as well as many leaders within the business community.

Against overwhelming odds, we came in second in the Primary. Now we are in a runoff election with someone who has been in politics for many years, and has served on the City Council and has approved many of the Comprehensive Plans and re-zoning projects that have caused the problems you face on your daily commute to work, or when you go shopping or visit family and friends. I want to offer a different perspective. I want to be your voice on the Council that says, "Have we considered the possible consequences of building, building, building, and approving more and more apartments?" I am not opposed to growth. As a business strategist, I advise large companies every day about growth issues, but as a responsible public servant, I want us to manage growth. We need to ensure we have parks, disciplined traffic routes, sufficient schools that FISD can manage, and adequate cash flow to meet the demands of a growing city.

I ask your help to join all my supporters, including those who supported other candidates in the Primary, and those who did not have the chance to vote previously. Our future and the future of our children is at stake in this election! Please help me conduct a victory for you over the political insiders (a.k.a. "the establishment") as we offer a common sense approach for Frisco. I would be honored and blessed to have your vote on March 25. Together, we will build Frisco for Generations.

Thank you,

Brandon All Rights Reserved

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